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Secure & Accelerate your Apps, Websites, API byEdgeOne global massive intelligent network

EdgeOne - Never compromise performance for security

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Bring faster, stable access to your content through global network and smart acceleration, optimizing performance and enhancing user experience.
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Protect your websites, apps, APIs by intelligent identification to block various attacks, mitigates DDoS threats, and employs AI and bot policy engines to analyze web, bot, and CC attacks.

Fewer IT burden

Our unified console enables one-step configuration of security and performance, reducing vendor management burdens

Powerful Data insight

Providing powerful insights by integrating security and performance data

Saving cost

By unifying services into one platform, it may reduce your costs associated with managing separate tools, subscriptions, or systems with higher efficiency

Superior security. Unparalleled speed.



More than 10+ Tbps DDoS protection capacity
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Average regional end-to-end latency less than 60 ms


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More than 300k domains replies on EdgeOne


Massive global network span over 70 countries
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Over 99.995% cleansing success rate with our massive and intelligent network


View and config in one unified console

Performance service

for websites & applications

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Fastest, most resilient and secure authoritative DNS
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Content Delivery

Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery
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Load balancing

Balance your load of the request to origin and perform health checks on your origin
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Smart Acceleration

Rout the traffic through the optimal & reliable network paths
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Resize, transform and optimize your image in edge nodes
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Ready-to-use insights with multidimensional data analysis
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Logs of HTTP requests, responses, and security engine events

Security service

for websites & applications

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DDoS protection

Protect against any scales of DDoS attacks
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Managed rules

Protect your applications from web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS attacks and local file inclusion in real time
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Rate Limiting

Protect your websites and application against abuse
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Bot Management

Manage good and bad bots with intelligent analysis
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Protect against Magecart and JavaScript supply chain attacks
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DNS-based load balancing and active health checks against origin servers
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Logs of HTTP requests, responses, and security engine events

Trusted by the Industries

Gaming enterprises commonly face heightened susceptibility to DDoS attacks. Game platforms that depend on specialized TCP and UDP communication protocols necessitate a more substantial allocation of resources to effectively mitigate these threats. It is a challenge to deliver software update to massive globally distributed players.

We Offer

  • Nearby deployment of edge nodes in global regions for a low-latency access
  • Smart scheduling to effectively avoid risks while increasing the speed
  • Infrastructure as Code - Support for Terraform API
  • Various simple and flexible connection methods
  • Low-latency and high-bandwidth network connection
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“Honor of Kings uses EdgeOne to deliver excellent gaming experience. ”
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Be Confident of Your Data Security & Compliance

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