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For Developers

Run your code serverless and more focus ondevelopment

Deploy your applications through EdgeOne's global network, taking advantage of going serverless to focus more on development and
improving the user experience.
  • Ultra-low latency
    By running your code on EdgeOne edge nodes around the world, requests are automatically dispatched to the nearest edge node, which triggers an edge function to process the request and return the results to the user
  • Elastic expansion
    When there is a sudden increase in the number of client requests on a node, the requests will be automatically dispatched to EdgeOne global edge nodes with sufficient computing resources from near to far
  • Lower cost
    Deploying code to the edge reduces back-to-origin requests, saving origin egress traffic and origin servers costs.
  • Deployment in seconds
    Code deployment to global edge nodes takes effect in seconds, making business alignment flexible and efficient.
  • High performance
    Cold start speed is up to 0.5ms. High-precision and low-loss CPU isolation realizes 50us-level CPU timing accuracy and time-slice scheduling with less than 0.1% performance loss.
  • Efficient development
    Using Javascript and the standard Web Service Worker API, it provides rich scenario templates to build business quickly, and realizes function engineering management with the help of CLI, a local developer tool.

Use Cases

Programmable EdgeOne
The ability to freely customize rules based on EdgeOne. For example, it can implement authentication, anti-theft chain, url rewriting & url redirection, http header rewriting, and M3U8 rewriting.
Programmable EdgeOne
Edge media
With function processing, you can do automatic self-adaptation, do not need to modify the client's business code, you can realize the format conversion of image resources, size cutting);Specific examples: By judging the web side, different specifications of the mobile side of the image adaptive size.
Edge media
GEO customization
Quickly implement personalized graphic content based on client-side geo-provisioning features. For example: localized language, customized campaigns. Target users in Hong Kong for certain promotions, or customers in different geographies can be pointed to different campaign pages or recommended different products.
GEO customization
Edge application
Support React, Vue.js and other mainstream development frameworks edge rendering, compared with the traditional central server execution ssr file, ssr file on the edge of the execution, you can have a faster response time of the first screen.
Edge application
Edge test
Generally speaking, AB testing/grayscale prevents EO from caching resources (in general, different versions of pages use the same url as cache key). Performing A/B testing and grayscale releases at the edge can cache different versions of resources at the edge, reducing the dependency on client-side code modifications or the need to long-trip back to the origin;
Edge test

Accelerate feature capability items

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Elastic expansion

When traffic to the service increases, more computing resources are automatically allocated in real time to handle the requests and improve service availability.
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Edge serverless

Based on the V8 engine for fast cold starts and instant response to requests.
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Data storage

Globally distributed, high-performance key-value storage
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Provides multi-dimensional real-time metrics, including traffic, bandwidth, cache.
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Edge AI

Rapid deployment of AI model such as image classification, object extraction and image generation on the edge.

Trusted by industries

Gaming enterprises commonly face heightened susceptibility to DDoS attacks. Game platforms that depend on specialized TCP and UDP communication protocols necessitate a more substantial allocation of resources to effectively mitigate these threats. It is a challenge to deliver software update to massive globally distributed players.

We Offer

  • Nearby deployment of edge nodes in global regions for a low-latency access
  • Smart scheduling to effectively avoid risks while increasing the speed
  • Infrastructure as Code - Support for Terraform API
  • Various simple and flexible connection methods
  • Low-latency and high-bandwidth network connection
gaming demo image
“Camps of Kings uses EdgeOne to implement grayscale release while maintaining high-speed access experience. ”

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