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Upload Rate



Success Rate

A fast and stable media uploading experience promotes more frequent video posts by your users. VODEO's Client Upload Acceleration solution selects the optimal access point and route for data transfer and using QUIC protocol, increasing upload speed and success rate.
No Data Migration, No Risk
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Starting Time

Are you still worried about the risks of data migration? VODEO is the most felxible VOD platform that no need to any data migration, just authorize us your storage bucket, and experience abundant media services less than 10min.
Powerful Media Processing Capabilites



Bitrate Reduced

VODEO has over 20,000 service experience in transcoding for diverse industries, optimizing with AI models to provide industry-specific transcoding templates for film and television, short video, and e-commerce scenarios, reducing traffic by 89% and cutting storage costs.
Optimum Media Delivery



Global CDN Nodes

VODEO has over 2,800 CDN cache nodes around the globe to enable global users to access nearby nodes. This makes downloading media content faster and smoother by avoiding problems such as network instability and high access delay due to cross-ISP, cross-region, and cross-border communication.

How fast Just-in-Time Transcoding Processing can be? Under 1 second

What do you think is the time required to transcode a one-hour video? 15 minute? Or 5 minute?
Let's try Just-in-Time transcoding, experience the advanced high speed transcoding.
return 'https://example.com/dir1/dir2/myVideo.mp4'+'$JM!Transcode,Template=hls_avc_720_preset/index.m3u8'
Video Resolution:

Drive future-proof media experiences for Your Industry

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Short Video

Support immersive playback experience with instant first-frame loading, providing users extreme viewing pleasure.
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Provides end-to-end OTT streaming video solution that makes it easy for you to engage audiences with stunning viewing experiences.
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Online Education

Offers multi-level private encryption and commercial-grade DRM to guarantee the security of your course videos.
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Retail Ecommerce

Marketers who utilize video experience a 49% faster growth in revenue compared to those who do not.

Powerful Accelerating Ability from the VOD on EdgeOne

Media Upload

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Client Upload Acceleration

Fastest, most high-quality uploading services by QUIC protocol
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Nearby Upload

Smart allocating the storage center closest to the uploader for file upload
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Smart Fragmented Upload

ntelligently determine the optimal uploading fragment size and number
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Breakpoints Restart

Support upload files from breakpoints, and set up multiple backups

Media Distribution

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Accelerated Distribution

High availability and satisfactory media transmission speed
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URL Prefetch

Reduces response time by pre-populates the cache with content
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Copyright Protection

Key hotlink, referer hotlink, and so on media protection features
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Statistical Analysis

Provides a comprehensive CDN usage analysis service