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Lightweight and fast

Game Release

Streamline game development from start to finish, empowering studios for swift and efficient game releases.

Overcoming Challenges with EdgeOne

Is your game studio facing these challenges? Let EdgeOne help you overcome them effortlessly.

Challenges in Selecting Pre-Launch Services

All-in-One Solution
EdgeOne, the integrated solution, delivers robust suite of services for games, including acceleration, security, computing and scalable services. This empowers studios to concentrate on game development without the hassle of selecting complex products.

Struggling with Operational Pressure Post-Release

Minimal Operational Effort
Expert in secure and accelerated game hosting services, requiring only one-time integration. With a one-stop underlying technical architecture for troubleshooting, our platform eliminates ongoing operational maintenance, reducing operational costs and allowing developers to focus solely on game development.

Difficulties in Managing Long-term Operational Costs

Cost-effective subscription
Designed for small to medium-sized game studios, EdgeOne offers a cost-effective solution compared to major cloud providers. The subscription model facilitates budget management and operational efficiency.

Ensuring Swift and Reliable Game Releases with EdgeOne

Video Transfer Service

Safeguarding Game Availability

  • 15Tbps Protection
  • AI intelligent recognition
  • EdgeOne ensures uninterrupted gameplay with 15Tbps protection capacity using Anycast-based distributed defense and advanced AI-driven cleaning algorithms. It provides robust DDoS protection, WAF, and BOT management, safeguarding game servers and preventing exploitative cheating activities, thereby mitigating economic losses.


Handling Surge Traffic Seamlessly

  • 200+ Tbps global reserve bandwidth
  • 3200+ PoPs
  • Outstanding Layer 4 Acceleration
  • EdgeOne's 200+ Tbps global reserve bandwidth and 3200+ PoPs, giving it a leading advantage in Layer 4 acceleration and cross-border acceleration. Enabling ultra-low latency delivery of online game downloads, software updates, and real-time gameplay to any device, ensuring gamers enjoy a consistently stable gaming experience. Its high availability under heavy loads prevents game latency or crashes due to concurrent traffic.

Event Scheduling

Effortless Operations Management

  • all-in-one control panel
  • EdgeOne's all-in-one control panel seamlessly integrates underlying resources, boasting the most comprehensive log data including CDN, DDoS, and WAF information, allowing retention of complete request data for comprehensive analysis, enhanced issue identification, and pinpointing capabilities.

Low-Latency Live Streaming

Mitigating Traffic Fraud

  • anti-fraud feature
  • EdgeOne's anti-fraud solution(WAF+Bot Management+Rate Limiting) analyzes and monitors request traffic, identifying and blocking malicious access. This protection is vital in scenarios such as large gaming downloads, preventing excessive billing and ensuring smooth operations by effectively mitigating massive fraudulent activities.

Served 500+ gaming clients and Award-Winning Accomplishments

Based on Tencent's years of experience in the gaming industry, EdgeOne focuses on addressing pain points within the gaming sector. Its quality has been validated through Tencent's self-developed games and has been applied in multiple phenomenal game products, providing users with greater confidence. Currently, EdgeOne has served over 500 global gaming clients, spanning over a thousand game projects.
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Affordable Packages

Security & performance for your Internet applications.

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$0/ month$4.2
For individual project, such as personal blog
  • Content & Intelligent Acceleration
  • Basic CC protection
  • Web basic access control
  • Platform-level DDos
Login Server Preferred


$590/ month
For all critical online business such as online payment
  • Everything in「Basic」
  • OWASP Top10 managed rules
  • AI intelligent engine protection
  • Bot management
Battle Server Preferred



For essential applications are backbone of your business
  • Top-up protection acceleration
  • Exclusive DDos protection
  • Product template
  • Network attack protection
50 GB
3 TB
3 Million
50 Million
Connected Sites


Paid Value-Added
Connected Sub - Domains
Global CDN
Smart Acceleration
Paid Value-Added
Paid Value-Added
Paid Value-Added
Cross-MLC-Border Acceleration
Paid Value-Added
Default DDoS Mitigation
Free Vulnerability Protection Rule
OWASP Top 10 Threat Scenario Protection Rules
Web Attack Defense
CC Attack Defense
Bot Management
Paid Value-Added
Paid Value-Added
Rule Engine
20 Rules
100 Rules
200 Rules
Free SSL Certificate
L4 Proxy
Real-Time Logs
Offline Logs
Image Processing
Free For Limited Time
Free For Limited Time
Free For Limited Time
Edge Functions
Free For Limited Time
Free For Limited Time
Free For Limited Time