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1. API Description

Domain name for API request: teo.tencentcloudapi.com.

This API is used to create a new version for the specified configuration group in version management mode. The version management feature is currently undergoing beta testing and is accessible only to users on the whitelist.

A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

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2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
ActionYesStringCommon Params. The value used for this API: CreateConfigGroupVersion.
VersionYesStringCommon Params. The value used for this API: 2022-09-01.
RegionNoStringCommon Params. This parameter is not required.
ZoneIdYesStringZone ID.
GroupIdYesStringGroupId of the version to be created.
ContentYesStringConfiguration content to be imported. It is required to be in JSON format and encoded in UTF-8. Please refer to the example below for the configuration file content.
DescriptionNoStringVersion description. The maximum length allowed is 50 characters. This field can be used to provide details about the application scenarios of this version.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
VersionIdStringVersion ID.
RequestIdStringThe unique request ID, generated by the server, will be returned for every request (if the request fails to reach the server for other reasons, the request will not obtain a RequestId). RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Example

Example1 Create a New Version for the Specified Configuration Group

Create a new version, with ZoneId set to zone-m2kplohsdc4b and GroupId to cg-2p9unsmt54uw.

Input Example

Host: teo.tencentcloudapi.com
Content-Type: application/json
X-TC-Action: CreateConfigGroupVersion 
<Common request parameters>

    "ZoneId": "zone-m2kplohsdc4b",
    "GroupId": "cg-2p9unsmt54uw",
    "Description": "created for openday",
    "Content": "{\n  \"FormatVersion\": \"1.0\",\n  \"ZoneConfig\": {\n    \"SmartRouting\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"Cache\": {\n      \"CustomTime\": {\n        \"Switch\": \"on\",\n        \"CacheTime\": 604800\n      }\n    },\n    \"MaxAge\": {\n      \"FollowOrigin\": \"on\",\n      \"CacheTime\": 600\n    },\n    \"CacheKey\": {\n      \"FullURLCache\": \"off\",\n      \"QueryString\": {\n        \"Switch\": \"on\",\n        \"Action\": \"includeCustom\",\n        \"Values\": [\n          \"key1\",\n          \"key2\"\n        ]\n      },\n      \"IgnoreCase\": \"on\"\n    },\n    \"CachePrefresh\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\",\n      \"CacheTimePercent\": 90\n    },\n    \"OfflineCache\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\"\n    },\n    \"Compression\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"Algorithms\": [\n        \"brotli\",\n        \"gzip\"\n      ]\n    },\n    \"ImageOptimize\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"ForceRedirectHTTPS\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"RedirectStatusCode\": 302\n    },\n    \"HSTS\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"IncludeSubDomains\": \"on\",\n      \"Timeout\": 16070400,\n      \"Preload\": \"on\"\n    },\n    \"TLSConfig\": {\n      \"CipherSuite\": \"loose-v2023\",\n      \"Version\": [\n        \"TLSv1\",\n        \"TLSv1.1\",\n        \"TLSv1.2\",\n        \"TLSv1.3\"\n      ]\n    },\n    \"OCSPStapling\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"HTTP2\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\"\n    },\n    \"QUIC\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"UpstreamHTTP2\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"IPv6\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"WebSocket\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"Timeout\": 30\n    },\n    \"PostMaxSize\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"MaxSize\": 838860800\n    },\n    \"ClientIPHeader\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\",\n      \"HeaderName\": \"\"\n    },\n    \"ClientIPCountry\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"HeaderName\": \"EO-Client-IPCountry\"\n    },\n    \"gRPC\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"AccelerateMainland\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"off\"\n    },\n    \"StandardDebug\": {\n      \"Switch\": \"on\",\n      \"AllowClientIPList\": [\n        \"\"\n      ],\n      \"Expires\": \"2023-11-04T04:46:28Z\"\n    }\n  },\n  \"Rules\": [\n    {\n      \"RuleName\": \"Unnamed rule\",\n      \"Branches\": [\n        {\n          \"Condition\": \"${http.request.host} matches '.*'\",\n          \"Actions\": [\n            {\n              \"Name\": \"UpstreamURLRewrite\",\n              \"Parameters\": {\n                \"Type\": \"Path\",\n                \"Action\": \"rmvPrefix\",\n                \"Value\": \"/prefix\"\n              }\n            }\n          ],\n          \"SubRules\": [\n            {\n              \"Branches\": [\n                {\n                  \"Condition\": \"${http.request.file_extension} in ['.jpg']\",\n                  \"Actions\": [\n                    {\n                      \"Name\": \"PostMaxSize\",\n                      \"Parameters\": {\n                        \"Switch\": \"on\",\n                        \"MaxSize\": 524288000\n                      }\n                    }\n                  ]\n                }\n              ]\n            },\n            {\n              \"Branches\": [\n                {\n                  \"Condition\": \"${http.request.file_extension} in ['.png']\",\n                  \"Actions\": [\n                    {\n                      \"Name\": \"PostMaxSize\",\n                      \"Parameters\": {\n                        \"Switch\": \"on\",\n                        \"MaxSize\": 209715200\n                      }\n                    }\n                  ]\n                }\n              ]\n            }\n          ]\n        }\n      ]\n    }\n  ]\n}"

Output Example

    "Response": {
        "VersionId": "ver-5ksglmhghsu3",
        "RequestId": "5e0a2b4e-dw6d-4dsa-ac39-1706cbf8a703"

5. Developer Resources


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

Command Line Interface

6. Error Code

The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error CodeDescription
FailedOperationOperation failed.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionSyntaxErrorSyntax error in the condition expression of the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionUnknownTargetUnrecognized condition matching type.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionValueEmptyErrorThe value field of the condition expression cannot be empty in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigFieldTypeErrorThe configuration file contains fields with inconsistent data types.
FailedOperation.ConfigFormatErrorSyntax error in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigMalformedContentIncorrect format of the configuration file. Parsing failed.
FailedOperation.ConfigParamValidateErrorsParameter verification error in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigUnknownFieldThe specified field in the configuration file is not recognized, indicating a possible spelling error or incorrect placement within the file structure.
FailedOperation.ConfigUnsupportedFormatVersionThe current configuration file version is not supported.
FailedOperation.MissingConfigChunkThe content is missing a mandatory configuration block.
FailedOperation.UnknownConfigGroupTypeUnknown configuration group type.
InvalidParameterParameter error.
InvalidParameter.DuplicateRuleDuplicate rules.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueBadValueInvalid condition: The parameter value is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyQueryStringActionInvalid query string.
InvalidParameter.InvalidConditionsInvalid conditions.
InvalidParameter.InvalidDynamicRoutineInvalid smart acceleration.
InvalidParameter.InvalidIpv6SwitchInvalid IPv6 settings.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMaxAgeFollowOriginInvalid browser cache.
InvalidParameter.InvalidStandardDebugInvalid debug configuration for EdgeOne.
InvalidParameter.PostMaxSizeLimitExceededMaximum upload size exceeded.
InvalidParameter.StatusCodeCacheInvalidStatusCodeInvalid status code in cache.
InvalidParameterValueInvalid parameter value.
LimitExceeded.RuleLimitExceededThe number of rules has reached the limit.
MissingParameterMissing parameters.
OperationDeniedOperation denied.
OperationDenied.AccelerateMainlandIpv6ConflictCross-MLC-border acceleration and IPv6 cannot be configured at the same time.
OperationDenied.ConfigLockedThe configuration is locked. Please unlock and try again.
OperationDenied.ErrZoneIsAlreadyPausedThe EdgeOne service of the site is disabled. Please enable it and try again.
OperationDenied.NotInVersionControlWhiteListThe current user is not included in the whitelist for version management.
OperationDenied.OwnershipVerificationNotPassedOwnership verification failed. Please complete the site ownership verification first.
OperationDenied.VersionControlLockedThe operation is not allowed because the version management mode is applied.
OperationDenied.WorkModeNotInVersionControlThe specified site working mode is not applicable to the version management mode.
ResourceNotFoundThe resource doesn’t exist.
ResourceUnavailable.FunctionNotFoundThe function does not exist or does not belong to this account.