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Error Codes

Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
ActionOfflineThis API has been deprecated.
AuthFailure.InvalidAuthorizationAuthorization in the request header is invalid.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretIdInvalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.MFAFailureMFA failed.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFoundKey does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpireSignature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailureInvalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.TokenFailureToken error.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperationThe request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
DryRunOperationDryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperationOperation failed.
InternalErrorInternal error.
InvalidActionThe API does not exist.
InvalidParameterIncorrect parameter.
InvalidParameterValueInvalid parameter value.
InvalidRequestThe multipart format of the request body is incorrect.
IpInBlacklistYour IP is in uin IP blacklist.
IpNotInWhitelistYour IP is not in uin IP whitelist.
LimitExceededQuota limit exceeded.
MissingParameterA parameter is missing.
NoSuchProductThe product does not exist.
NoSuchVersionThe API version does not exist.
RequestLimitExceededThe number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.GlobalRegionUinLimitExceededUin exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.IPLimitExceededThe number of ip requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.UinLimitExceededThe number of uin requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestSizeLimitExceededThe request size exceeds the upper limit.
ResourceInUseResource is in use.
ResourceInsufficientInsufficient resource.
ResourceNotFoundThe resource does not exist.
ResourceUnavailableResource is unavailable.
ResponseSizeLimitExceededThe response size exceeds the upper limit.
ServiceUnavailableService is unavailable now.
UnauthorizedOperationUnauthorized operation.
UnknownParameterUnknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperationUnsupported operation.
UnsupportedProtocolHTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
UnsupportedRegionAPI does not support the requested region.

Service Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
FailedOperation.CertificateHasExpiredFailed to publish: The certificate has expired.
FailedOperation.CertificateNotFoundThe certificate does not exist.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionSyntaxErrorSyntax error in the condition expression of the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionUnknownTargetUnrecognized condition matching type.
FailedOperation.ConfigConditionValueEmptyErrorThe value field of the condition expression cannot be empty in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigFieldTypeErrorThe configuration file contains fields with inconsistent data types.
FailedOperation.ConfigFormatErrorSyntax error in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigMalformedContentIncorrect format of the configuration file. Parsing failed.
FailedOperation.ConfigParamValidateErrorsParameter verification error in the configuration file.
FailedOperation.ConfigUnknownFieldThe specified field in the configuration file is not recognized, indicating a possible spelling error or incorrect placement within the file structure.
FailedOperation.ConfigUnsupportedFormatVersionThe current configuration file version is not supported.
FailedOperation.CreateClsLogSetFailedFailed to create the log set. Check whether the log set name already exists.
FailedOperation.CreateClsLogTopicTaskFailedFailed to create the log topic task. Check whether the log topic name or task name already exists.
FailedOperation.CreateLogTopicTaskAuthFailureAuthentication failed while creating a custom push task. Check whether the push address is correct.
FailedOperation.InsufficientAccountBalanceThe account balance is insufficient.
FailedOperation.InvalidZoneStatusThe site status is invalid.
FailedOperation.MissingConfigChunkThe content is missing a mandatory configuration block.
FailedOperation.ModifyFailedOperation failed.
FailedOperation.RealtimeLogAuthFailureThe real-time log authentication failed.
FailedOperation.RealtimeLogNotFoundThe real-time log push task does not exist.
FailedOperation.UnknownConfigGroupTypeUnknown configuration group type.
InternalError.BackendErrorServer error.
InternalError.ConfigLockedThe configuration is locked. Please unlock and try again.
InternalError.DBErrorDatabase error.
InternalError.DomainConfigFailed to get configuration
InternalError.FailedToGenerateUrlFailed to generate an upload link.
InternalError.GetRoleErrorFailed to get the role.
InternalError.ProxyServerAn unknown error occurred in the backend server.
InternalError.QuotaSystemServer error.
InternalError.RouteErrorThe backend routing address is incorrect.
InternalError.SystemErrorInternal system error.
InternalError.UnknowErrorUnknown error.
InvalidParameter.AccessRedirectRegexErrorThe regex is not in the standard RE2 format.
InvalidParameter.ActionInProgressToo many attempts. Please try again later.
InvalidParameter.AliasDomainNotSupportSMCertChinese SM certificates are not supported for alias domain names.
InvalidParameter.CacheKeyQueryStringRequiresFullUrlCacheOffInvalid query string.
InvalidParameter.CacheKeyQueryStringTooManyValueThe query string has too many values.
InvalidParameter.CertNotMatchDomainMismatch between the HTTPS certificate and the domain name.
InvalidParameter.CertSystemErrorInternal error.
InvalidParameter.CertToExpireThe HTTPS certificate is about to expire.
InvalidParameter.CertTooShortKeySizeCertificate error.
InvalidParameter.ClientIpCountryConflictsWithIpv6IPv6 access conflicts with client IP geographical location.
InvalidParameter.CnameWildHostNotAllowApplyCertificateUnable to apply for a wildcard certificate under CNAME mode.
InvalidParameter.CompressionInvalidAlgorithmsInvalid compression algorithm.
InvalidParameter.ConflictHostOriginThe origin cannot be the same as the domain name.
InvalidParameter.DomainNotFoundThe domain name does not exist or is not belong to this account.
InvalidParameter.DomainOnTrafficSchedulingTraffic scheduling is already enabled for the current domain name.
InvalidParameter.DuplicateRuleDuplicate rules.
InvalidParameter.ErrActionUnsupportTargetThe current conditions do not support the requested operation.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionInvalid operation.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionDuplicateActionInvalid operation: Duplicate operation configuration.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionOriginPrivateAddressInvalid rule engine operation. The origin server IP cannot be a private network IP or loopback address.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamInvalid operation: Invalid parameter.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamActionInvalid parameter "action".
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamBadValueTypeInvalid value type for the parameter "action".
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamDuplicateNameInvalid parameter: Duplicate parameter names.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamNameInvalid value type for the parameter "action".
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamTooManyValuesInvalid parameter: The parameter has too many values.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionParamValueInvalid action.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidActionTypeInvalid action type.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionInvalid conditions.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionCannotOnlyContainHostWhenModifyOriginActionConfiguredThe operations of modifying the origin server cannot be only to configure host matching type.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionHostTooManyWhenModifyOriginActionConfiguredYou can only configure one host matching type when modifying the origin.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionIgnoreCaseInvalid condition: The letter case is ignored.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionNameBadNameInvalid condition: Invalid parameter name.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionNameTargetNotSupportNameInvalid condition: The match type is not supported by this parameter.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueBadRegularInvalid condition: Invalid regular expression for the parameter value.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueBadUrlInvalid parameter value "url".
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueBadValueInvalid condition: The parameter value is invalid.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueBadValueContainFileNameExtensionInvalid parameter value: File extension is not allowed.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueTooLongValueInvalid condition: The parameter value exceeds the limit.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueTooManyRegularThe condition has too many regular expressions.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueTooManyValuesInvalid condition: The parameter value exceeds the limit.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueTooManyWildcardInvalid condition: Too many wildcards in the parameter.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidConditionValueZeroLengthInvalid condition: The parameter value is 0.
InvalidParameter.ErrInvalidElseWhenModifyOriginActionConfiguredELSE is not supported for origin server modification.
InvalidParameter.ErrNilConditionEmpty condition.
InvalidParameter.GrpcRequireHttp2To enable gRPC support, HTTP/2 support must be enabled as well.
InvalidParameter.HostHeaderInvalidHost header error
InvalidParameter.HostNotFoundThe domain name does not exist.
InvalidParameter.HostStatusNotAllowApplyCertificateCNAME is not switched or the origin is not routed to the EdgeOne server.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAccelerateTypeParameter error.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationInvalid token authentication.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationTypeExpireTimeInvalid token authentication expiration time.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationTypeSecretKeyInvalid key for token authentication.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationTypeSignParamInvalid token authentication parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationTypeTimeFormatInvalid authentication token format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAuthenticationTypeTimeParamInvalid authentication token parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAutoUseVoucherThe format of automatically used vouchers is incorrect. Enter the correct format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAwsPrivateAccessInvalid third-party object storage.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAwsRegionInvalid region. Please fill in a correct region of the third-party object storage service.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAwsSecretKeyInvalid third-party object storage.
InvalidParameter.InvalidBackupServerNameInvalid secondary origin domain.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheConfigCacheInvalid node cache.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheConfigFollowOriginInvalid node cache. The origin behavior is followed.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyInvalid cache key.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyCookieInvalid cache key cookie.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyIgnoreCaseCases are ignored in the cache key.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyQueryStringActionInvalid query string.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeyQueryStringValueInvalid query string.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheKeySchemeInvalid cache key scheme.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheOnlyOnSwitchInvalid node cache.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCacheTimeInvalid node cache validity.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCertInfoIncorrect certificate information.
InvalidParameter.InvalidClientIpCountryHeaderNameInvalid client IP location configuration. HeaderName consists of 1-100 alphanumeric characters and cannot start or end with hyphens (-).
InvalidParameter.InvalidClientIpHeaderNameInvalid client IP request header.
InvalidParameter.InvalidClientIpOriginInvalid origin for region-specific origin-pull.
InvalidParameter.InvalidConditionsInvalid conditions.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCosDomainInvalid origin-pull configuration. When OriginType is COS or AWS_S3, the origin address must be an object storage domain name.
InvalidParameter.InvalidDynamicRoutineInvalid smart acceleration.
InvalidParameter.InvalidDynamicRoutineBillingThe package does not support Smart Acceleration.
InvalidParameter.InvalidErrorPageInvalid custom error page.
InvalidParameter.InvalidErrorPageRedirectUrlInvalid custom error page.
InvalidParameter.InvalidForceRedirectTypeInvalid forced HTTPS direction settings
InvalidParameter.InvalidHttpsInvalid parameter "https".
InvalidParameter.InvalidHttpsCertInfoInvalid HTTPS certificate.
InvalidParameter.InvalidHttpsCipherSuiteAndTlsVersionThe cipher suite does not match the TLS version.
InvalidParameter.InvalidHttpsHstsMaxAgeInvalid HTTPS HSTS.
InvalidParameter.InvalidHttpsTlsVersionInvalid HTTPS TLS version.
InvalidParameter.InvalidIntervalInvalid interval. The value should be either [min 5min hour day].
InvalidParameter.InvalidIpv6SwitchInvalid IPv6 settings.
InvalidParameter.InvalidLogFormatFieldDelimiterThe field separator in the log output format is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidLogFormatFormatTypeThe log output format type is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidLogFormatRecordDelimiterThe log record separator in the log output format is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMaxAgeFollowOriginInvalid browser cache.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMaxAgeTimeInvalid browser cache.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMetricThe query dimension is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidOriginInvalid origin server.
InvalidParameter.InvalidOriginGroupTypeThe origin server group type is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidOriginIpThe origin cannot be a private IP or loopback address.
InvalidParameter.InvalidOriginTypeIncorrect origin server type.
InvalidParameter.InvalidOriginValueThe origin server is incorrect or inexistent.
InvalidParameter.InvalidParameterInvalid parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPeriodThe plan cycle format is incorrect. Enter the correct format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPlanTypeThe plan type format is incorrect. Enter the correct format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPostMaxSizeBillingThe speciThe plan does not support limiting the max upload size.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPostSizeValueInvalid POST request size.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPrivateAccessParamsAccessKeyId and SecretAccessKey are required to access the third-party object storage.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPrivateAccessSwitchThe value of PrivateAccess should be on or off.
InvalidParameter.InvalidQuicBillingThe plan does not support QUIC.
InvalidParameter.InvalidQuotaNumberThe quota quantity format is incorrect. Enter the correct format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidQuotaTypeThe quota type format is incorrect. Enter the correct quota type format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRangeOriginPullInvalid Range GETs.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRenewFlagThe auto-renewal flag format is incorrect. Enter the correct format.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRequestHeaderNameInvalid request header.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRequestHeaderNameXffInvalid request header x-forwarded-for.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRequestHeaderValueInvalid request header.
InvalidParameter.InvalidResourceIdBillingYou have not purchased a plan yet.
InvalidParameter.InvalidResponseHeaderNameInvalid response header.
InvalidParameter.InvalidResponseHeaderValueInvalid response header.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleEngineActionInvalid rule engine operation.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleEngineNotFoundThe rule does not exist.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleEngineTargetInvalid rule engine condition.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleEngineTargetsExtensionInvalid file extension in the rule engine condition.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleEngineTargetsUrlInvalid URL in the rule engine condition.
InvalidParameter.InvalidRuleProtoIncorrect protocol of the rules. (TCP/UDP).
InvalidParameter.InvalidServerNameInvalid origin domain.
InvalidParameter.InvalidStandardDebugInvalid debug configuration for EdgeOne.
InvalidParameter.InvalidStandardDebugClientIpInvalid client IP or CIDR block.
InvalidParameter.InvalidStandardDebugEmptyListThe AllowClientIPList parameter is mandatory. The IPv4 and IPv6 network segments are supported. indicates that all IPv4 clients can be debugged, and ::/0 indicates that all IPv6 clients can be debugged.
InvalidParameter.InvalidStandardDebugExpireTimeLimitThe expiration time is exceeded.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUpstreamRequestQueryStringValueOrigin-pull request configuration error: Invalid query string.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUrlRedirectInvalid URL rewrite.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUrlRedirectHostInvalid target host in the URL rewriting rule.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUrlRedirectUrlThe target URL for URL rewrite is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidWebSocketTimeoutInvalid WebSocket.
InvalidParameter.KeyRulesInvalidQueryStringValueInvalid cache key.
InvalidParameter.LengthExceedsLimitMaximum parameter length exceeded.
InvalidParameter.LoadBalanceInstanceIdIsRequiredThe Cloud Load Balancer instance ID is required in the operation of modifying the origin server.
InvalidParameter.MultiplyLayerNotSupportSmartRoutingSmart routing is not supported.
InvalidParameter.NotSupportThisPresetUnsupported preset variables exist.
InvalidParameter.OCDirectOriginRequiresSmartRoutingThe domain name is configured to forward requests to the origin directly. iSmart Acceleration must be enabled.
InvalidParameter.OriginIsInnerIpThe origin address cannot be a private IP address.
InvalidParameter.OriginL4RecordIPV4MixDomainThe layer-4 proxy strictly prohibits mixing IPs and domain names.
InvalidParameter.OriginL4RecordMultiDomainUsage of multi-domain origin server is forbidden for layer-4 proxy.
InvalidParameter.OriginNameExistsThe origin group name already exists.
InvalidParameter.OriginOriginGroupIdIsRequiredThe origin group ID is required.
InvalidParameter.OriginPullProtocolIsRequiredThe return protocol is required in the operation of modifying the origin server.
InvalidParameter.OriginRecordFormatErrorIncorrect origin server format.
InvalidParameter.OriginRecordWeightValueWeight value range: 0-100.
InvalidParameter.OriginThirdPartyParamFormatErrorThe key format is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.ParameterErrorParameter error: Invalid “End time”. The interval between the start and end time cannot exceed 7 days.
InvalidParameter.PlanNotFoundThe plan doesn’t exist.
InvalidParameter.PostMaxSizeLimitExceededMaximum upload size exceeded.
InvalidParameter.ProxyNameDuplicatingThe instance name already exists.
InvalidParameter.ProxyNameNotMatchedInstance name can contain 1 to 50 characters. The allowed characters are a to z, 0 to 9, and -. - cannot be registered alone or used continuously and cannot be placed at the beginning or the end.
InvalidParameter.RealtimeLogEntityAlreadyCreatedThe push instance has been created.
InvalidParameter.RealtimeLogInvalidDeliveryAreaThe log push region is invalid.
InvalidParameter.RealtimeLogInvalidLogTypeThe log push type is invalid.
InvalidParameter.RealtimeLogInvalidTaskTypeThe real-time log delivery type is invalid.
InvalidParameter.RealtimeLogNumsExceedLimitThe real-time log push task data exceeded the limit.
InvalidParameter.ResponseHeaderCacheControlNotAllowDeleteInvalid response header.
InvalidParameter.RuleOriginFormatErrorIncorrect origin server information format of the rules.
InvalidParameter.RuleOriginMultiDomainThe origin of the rule does not support multiple domain names.
InvalidParameter.RuleOriginPortIntegerThe origin port of the rule must be an integer.
InvalidParameter.RuleOriginValueErrorInvalid origin in the rule.
InvalidParameter.RulePortDuplicatingThe rule port already exists.
InvalidParameter.RulePortGroupIncorrect port number segment of the rules.
InvalidParameter.RulePortIntegerThe port number of the rules must be an integer.
InvalidParameter.SecurityInvalid parameter.
InvalidParameter.SettingInvalidParamConfiguration parameter error.
InvalidParameter.SpaceNotBindOriginShield Space is not bound with an origin.
InvalidParameter.StatusCodeCacheInvalidStatusCodeInvalid status code in cache.
InvalidParameter.TargetResource error
InvalidParameter.TaskNotGeneratedFailed to create the task
InvalidParameter.TaskSystemErrorInternal error.
InvalidParameter.TlsVersionNotInSequenceTLS version is not continuous for HTTPS.
InvalidParameter.TooManyFilterValuesToo many filter values.
InvalidParameter.UploadUrlInvalid file upload link.
InvalidParameter.ZoneHasBeenBoundThe site is already bound.
InvalidParameter.ZoneHasNotBeenBoundToPlanThe zone is not bound to a package.
InvalidParameter.ZoneIsGrayPublishingThe site is being upgraded. Changing is not supported. Please try again later.
InvalidParameter.ZoneNameIsRequiredTo switch a site from connecting without a domain name to connecting via the CNAME, the site name is required.
InvalidParameter.ZoneNotFoundThe site does not exist.
InvalidParameterValue.AccessBlacklistThe domain name for this zone has been banned.
InvalidParameterValue.ConflictRecordIt conflicts with existing records.
InvalidParameterValue.ConflictWithDNSSECDNS records conflict with DNSSEC.
InvalidParameterValue.ConflictWithNSRecordThis DNS record conflicts with NS records.
InvalidParameterValue.ContentSameAsNameThe host record cannot be the same as the record value.
InvalidParameterValue.ContentTypeNotMatchThe page content does not match the Content-Type.
InvalidParameterValue.DomainNotMatchZoneThe specified domain name does not match the site.
InvalidParameterValue.FormatMismatchFormat mismatch.
InvalidParameterValue.GeneralMismatchConfiguration parameter format mismatch.
InvalidParameterValue.IncludeInvalidValueContains invalid value.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidAliasDomainNameThe alias domain name is invalid. It must contain numerics, English characters, and hyphens, but hyphen is not allowed at the beginning or the end.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidAliasNameSuffixInvalid alias domain suffix. This domain is for internal usage and cannot be used as the alias domain.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidDNSContentIncorrect DNS record.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidDNSNameIncorrect DNS record name.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidDomainNameInvalid accelerated domain name. It can contain [0-9], [A-Z], [a-z] and [-]. It cannot start or end with "-".
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidDomainStatusInvalid domain name. Please check the status.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidProxyOriginIncorrect DNS proxy
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidTagValueThe tag value contains invalid characters.
InvalidParameterValue.MissingNecessaryParamMissing required configuration parameters.
InvalidParameterValue.NotAllowedWildcardSharedCNAMEWildcard domain CNAMEs are not supported.
InvalidParameterValue.NotInEnumerationThe value is not within the required collection.
InvalidParameterValue.NotWithinRangeThe value is not within the specified range.
InvalidParameterValue.OriginGroupNotExistsThe specified origin group does not exist.
InvalidParameterValue.PageNameAlreadyExistThe page name already exists.
InvalidParameterValue.RegExMismatchDoes not match the specified regular expression.
InvalidParameterValue.SharedCNAMEPrefixNotMatchEnter a valid shared CNAME prefix of up to 50 characters.
InvalidParameterValue.TopLevelDomainNotSupportThe current domain suffix is not supported for access. Please contact us if you need to use it.
InvalidParameterValue.UnrecognizableValueConfiguration item error.
InvalidParameterValue.ZoneNameInvalidThe zone name format is incorrect. Please input a correctly formed domain name.
InvalidParameterValue.ZoneNameNotSupportPunyCodePunycode access is not supported at present.
InvalidParameterValue.ZoneNameNotSupportSubDomainThe zone does not support subdomain access. Please use second-level domains for zone access.
InvalidParameterValue.ZoneSameAsNameThe site alias already exists.
LimitExceeded.BatchQuotaReached the upper limit of resource number
LimitExceeded.CustomLogFieldRegexLimitExceededThe number of regular expression type fields in real-time log custom fields exceeds the limit.
LimitExceeded.DailyQuotaReached the daily upper limit of resource number
LimitExceeded.PackNotAllowNot supported by the plan.
LimitExceeded.ProxyRulesLimitExceededThe number of rules imported has exceeded the limit.
LimitExceeded.QueryTimeLimitExceededQuery time limit exceeded.
LimitExceeded.RateLimitExceededReached the API rate limit.
LimitExceeded.RuleLimitExceededThe number of rules has reached the limit.
LimitExceeded.SecurityLimit exceeded
LimitExceeded.UserQuotaLimitedUser instance quantity limitation.
LimitExceeded.ZoneBindPlanReached the upper limit of sites of the plan
OperationDeniedOperation denied.
OperationDenied.AccelerateMainlandDisableCross-MLC-border acceleration is in beta. To join the beta, submit a ticket.
OperationDenied.AccelerateMainlandIpv6ConflictCross-MLC-border acceleration and IPv6 cannot be configured at the same time.
OperationDenied.AccelerateMainlandMultiplyLayerConflictThe existing domain feature under the current site conflicts with the Chinese mainland network optimization, and cannot be configured at the same time.
OperationDenied.AccelerationDomainStatusNotInOnlineAn L7 DNS service referencing the origin group is being deployed. Please edit later.
OperationDenied.ConfigLockedThe configuration is locked. Please unlock and try again.
OperationDenied.DeleteZonePreCheckFailedThe pre-check failed during site deletion.
OperationDenied.DisableZoneNotCompletedThe EdgeOne service of the site is being disabled. Please try again later.
OperationDenied.DomainInShareCnameGroupSwitch failed: There are domain names in the shared CNAME group.
OperationDenied.DomainIsBlockedUnable to use the domain name when it’s blocked.
OperationDenied.DomainNoICPThe domain name doesn't have an ICP filing number.
OperationDenied.DomainNumberIsNotZeroUnable to modify the service area: There are domain names under the site.
OperationDenied.DomainStatusUnstableSome domain names on the site are currently experiencing instability. The stable states for domain names are "online" and "offline".
OperationDenied.EnterprisePlanAutoRenewUnsupportedThe Enterprise Edition Plan does not support auto-renewal.
OperationDenied.EnterprisePlanRenewUnsupportedThe Enterprise Edition Plan does not support renewal.
OperationDenied.EnterprisePlanUpgradeUnsupportedThe Enterprise Edition Plan does not support upgrades.
OperationDenied.EnvNotReadyThe site environment is not ready.
OperationDenied.ErrZoneIsAlreadyPausedThe EdgeOne service of the site is disabled. Please enable it and try again.
OperationDenied.InvalidAdvancedDefenseSecurityTypeThe security service must be enabled when you enable the DDoS Protection.
OperationDenied.InvalidAdvancedDefenseZoneAreaThe acceleration regions of the site must be in the Chinese mainland when you enable the DDoS Protection.
OperationDenied.Ipv6AdvancedConflictExclusive DDoS protection conflicts with IPv6. They cannot be configured at the same time.
OperationDenied.Ipv6StaticIpConflictThe IPv6 feature and static IP cannot be enabled at the same time.
OperationDenied.L4LackOfResourcesThe layer-4 instance resource sales are skyrocketing and now the resources are sold out. Replenishing is in progress. Currently, new layer-4 proxies cannot be added. Please wait.
OperationDenied.L4PortLackOfResourcesThe sale of Layer 4 port resources is booming and they have been sold out. We are urgently restocking. At present, it is not possible to add new Layer 4 proxies or rules, and we kindly ask for your patience.
OperationDenied.L4ProxyInBannedStatusOperation failed: The L4 proxy is blocked.
OperationDenied.L4ProxyInOfflineStatusThe Layer 4 channel is closed and rule addition is disallowed.
OperationDenied.L4ProxyInProcessStatusThe instance is currently in deployment and cannot be operated.
OperationDenied.L4ProxyInProgressStatusThe EdgeOne service cannot be disabled for the site: A L4 proxy instance is being deployed.
OperationDenied.L4ProxyInStoppingStatusUnable to disable the site: There are L4 proxy instances disabled.
OperationDenied.L4StatusNotInOnlineUnable to operate the L4 instance when it’s not running
OperationDenied.L7HostInProcessStatusThe EdgeOne service cannot be disabled for the site: An accelerated domain name is being deployed.
OperationDenied.LoadBalanceStatusNotInOnlineThe affiliated Cloud Load Balancer is not in a running state. Operation is forbidden.
OperationDenied.LoadBalancingZoneIsNotActiveThe site status does not support operations on load balancers.
OperationDenied.MsgIpv6AdvancedConflictIPv6 cannot be enabled for non-overseas exclusive protection.
OperationDenied.MultipleCnameZoneUnable to switch to NS for multiple sites using CNAME.
OperationDenied.NSNotAllowTrafficStrategyDomain traffic scheduling is not supported in NS access mode.
OperationDenied.NoDomainAccessZoneOnlyAllowModifiedToCNAMEYou can only switch a site connected without a domain name to connecting via the CNAME
OperationDenied.NoDomainAccessZoneOnlySupportModifyTypeYou can only switch a site connected without a domain name to connecting via the CNAME. Other operations are not allowed.
OperationDenied.NotInVersionControlWhiteListThe current user is not included in the whitelist for version management.
OperationDenied.OriginGroupAccelerationDomainUsedFailed to delete: The acceleration domain name is in use.
OperationDenied.OriginGroupL4UsedThe Layer 4 proxy is in use and cannot be deleted.
OperationDenied.OriginGroupLBUsedThe Cloud Load Balancer is in use and cannot be deleted.
OperationDenied.OriginGroupRuleEngineUsedThe rule engine is in use and cannot be deleted.
OperationDenied.OwnershipVerificationNotPassedOwnership verification failed. Please complete the site ownership verification first.
OperationDenied.PlanDowngradeNotAllowedA plan downgrade is not supported.
OperationDenied.PlanHasBeenExpiredThe plan has expired.
OperationDenied.PlanHasBeenIsolatedThe plan has been isolated.
OperationDenied.PlanIncreasePlanQuotaUnsupportedThis plan does not support the purchase of additional plan quotas.
OperationDenied.PlanNotSupportModifyZoneAreaThe specified plan does not support changing the service area of the site.
OperationDenied.PlatTypeIPAccelerateMainlandNotSupportThis site is using Anycast IP scheduling mode and does not support Cross-MLC-border acceleration.
OperationDenied.PleaseContactBusinessPersonnelTo create an Enterprise Edition Plan, contact the business personnel.
OperationDenied.RecordIsForbiddenThe DNS record cannot be added.
OperationDenied.ResourceHasBeenLockedBilling resources are in operation. Try again later.
OperationDenied.ResourceLockedTemporaryThis operation conflicts with concurrent operations. Try again later.
OperationDenied.SharedCNAMEUnsupportedAccelerateMainlandThe domain name is bound with a shared CNAME and cannot be changed to "Cross-MLC-border acceleration". Please unbind the domain name from the shared CNAME first.
OperationDenied.SharedCNAMEUnsupportedIPv6The domain name is bound with a shared CNAME and cannot be changed to "IPv6 access". Please unbind the domain name from the shared CNAME first.
OperationDenied.StaticIpAreaConflictThe static IP cannot be enabled for this instance's region.
OperationDenied.VersionControlIsGrayingThere is a test version in use. Please release the test version to the live environment, or roll back the test version and try again.
OperationDenied.VersionControlLockedThe operation is not allowed because the version management mode is applied.
OperationDenied.WorkModeNotInVersionControlThe specified site working mode is not applicable to the version management mode.
OperationDenied.ZoneIsBindingSharedCNAMEThe shared CNAME has been bound to another site. Please unbind first.
OperationDenied.ZoneIsReferenceCustomErrorPageError found in the associated custom error page. Please unbind it first.
OperationDenied.ZoneNotActiveThe zone is disabled.
ResourceInUse.AliasDomainResources occupied by the alias domain names under this account.
ResourceInUse.AliasNameThe alias domain name already exists.
ResourceInUse.CnameResources occupied by this account via CNAME.
ResourceInUse.DnsDNS resources occupied.
ResourceInUse.DnsRecordThe domain name is being resolved. If you need to enable acceleration, please go to DNS Records.
ResourceInUse.DuplicateNameDuplicate alias domain names.
ResourceInUse.GenericHostResources occupied by the wildcard domain name.
ResourceInUse.HostResources occupied by the subdomain names under this account.
ResourceInUse.NSResources occupied by this account via NS.
ResourceInUse.OthersThe resource has been connected to EdgeOne by another user.
ResourceInUse.OthersAliasDomainResources occupied by the alias domain names under other accounts.
ResourceInUse.OthersCnameResources occupied by other accounts via CNAME.
ResourceInUse.OthersHostResources occupied by the subdomain names under other accounts.
ResourceInUse.OthersNSResources occupied by other accounts via NS.
ResourceInUse.SelfAndOthersCnameResources occupied by this account and others via CNAME.
ResourceInUse.SharedCNAMEUnable to delete the shared CNAME: It is bound to an acceleration domain name. Please remove the binding first.
ResourceInUse.ZoneThe alias domain name is already added.
ResourceNotFound.PostMaxSizeQuotaNotFoundMaximum upload size is not configured.
ResourceNotFound.VersionNotFoundThe configuration group version does not exist. Please check and try again.
ResourceUnavailable.CertNotFoundThe certificate does not exist or is not authorized.
ResourceUnavailable.DomainAlreadyExistsThe domain name is already connected to EdgeOne by another account. Please retrieve it first in order to add it.
ResourceUnavailable.DomainNotFoundThe requested accelerated domain name doesn’t exist.
ResourceUnavailable.FunctionNotFoundThe function does not exist or does not belong to this account.
ResourceUnavailable.HostNotFoundThe domain name does not exist or not use a proxy.
ResourceUnavailable.SharedCNAMEAlreadyExistsThe shared CNAME is used by others.
ResourceUnavailable.ZoneNotFoundThe site does not exist or is not belong to this account.
UnauthorizedOperation.CamUnauthorizedCAM is not authorized.
UnauthorizedOperation.DomainEmptyAuthentication error.
UnauthorizedOperation.NoPermissionThe sub-account is not authorized for the operation. Please get permissions first.
UnauthorizedOperation.UnknownAn unknown error occurred in the backend server.
UnsupportedOperation.TargetNameOriginTypeCosThe origin type of the target domain cannot be COS for an alias domain.