Cross-MLC-border acceleration traffic fee(Pay-as-You-Go)

Cross-MLC-border acceleration is achieved through the EdgeOne Global availability zone network acceleration platform, allowing users in the Chinese mainland region to maintain a high-speed, secure connection with your business, further reducing network latency while improving accessibility. Chinese mainland network optimization (international acceleration) function is only supported in the Enterprise plan and is billed as a value-added service based on traffic, with a monthly pay-as-you-go.

Cross-MLC-border acceleration traffic fee

Linear pricing is adopted for pay-as-you-go, with specific prices as follows:
Billing item
Price (USD/GB)
Cross-MLC-border acceleration traffic
Cross-MLC-border acceleration traffic fees a value-added service fee, which is an additional value-added service fee charged on top of Fees for Out-of-plan Resource Usage in the Basic Services Fees. Since the access point of the Cross-MLC-border acceleration is in Hong Kong (China), it belongs to the Asia Pacific Zone 1 (AP1), so the site usage that generates Fees for Out-of-plan Resource Usage will be billed according to the Asia Pacific Zone 1 (AP1) price.
Cross-MLC-border acceleration traffic fees does not support the use of in-package included traffic for deduction.