SDK Overview

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne QUIC SDK is a QUIC-based development toolkit that provides easy-to-use APIs for developers to integrate QUIC into their applications more quickly, enabling stable, high-quality network transfer. Supported platforms include Android and iOS.

About QUIC

QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is a new general-purpose, secure, and multiplexing transport layer network protocol. The standard HTTP/3 protocol is implemented based on QUIC, which supports 0-RTT connections, non-HOL blocking multiplexing and easy implementation of user-mode congestion control to transfer more data with a lower bandwidth, enabling high-quality data transfer even under poor network conditions with a high packet loss rate and network latency. It also supports connection migration that can guarantee an uninterrupted connection even if the network of a mobile device is switched frequently.


EdgeOne QUIC SDK is free of charge during beta testing.

Supported Versions

EdgeOne QUIC SDK supports IETF QUIC and Google QUIC. See below for details:
Supported Version
Google QUIC (gQUIC)
QO43, Q046, Q050, Q051
draft-29, RFC 9000