Tencent Cloud EdgeOne security acceleration platform analyzes access log data and provides various data metrics in the data analysis page for you to understand your business data from multiple dimensions.

Applicable Scenarios

Specific Demand
Daily monitoring and inspection
By observing the trends and distribution of various data metrics of acceleration domain names/L4 proxy instances, continuously monitor whether EdgeOne has high latency or failures.
Troubleshooting analysis
By analyzing access logs, understand the path and content of the user's access to locate and troubleshoot issues.
Business data insight
By analyzing and mining client data, understand user profiles.

Function Details

Data analysis function
Function introduction
By analyzing L7 (application layer) access logs, understand the source, traffic/bandwidth, and latency of user access to websites or services, helping you better understand user needs and optimize network performance.
By analyzing cache hit rate and cache content data, understand the effectiveness of cache strategies, helping you better optimize cache configuration.
By analyzing access logs, network data, etc., understand the attack surface data related to your business, including attack sources, attack methods, etc., helping you better understand the attack situation and formulate more effective security policies.
By analyzing DNS resolution data in NS access mode, understand access volume, return codes, etc., helping you better understand the operation of the resolution system.
L4 proxy
By analyzing L4 (transport layer) access logs, understand the source, traffic, and connection duration of user access to L4 proxy instances, helping you better monitor the operation of L4 proxy instances.