You might be stuck with a huge and repetitive workload when connecting large quantities of domain names to security acceleration services and ensuring they are configured identically, or when adding and changing configuration, deploying, verifying and maintaining HTTPS certificates for these domain names.

With alias domain names, EdgeOne’s security acceleration capabilities of one domain name can be extended to others. EdgeOne also supports certificate application and auto-update, reducing your certificate purchase and maintenance costs.

How It Works

As shown in the figure above, multiple alias domain names are resolved to the target domain name via CNAME, that is, when users access these alias domain names, they will point to the target domain name and its rule configuration will be automatically applied to these alias domain names.

Applicable Scenarios

SaaS business: Allow SaaS companies to get fast access to security acceleration services and easy configuration synchronization for large quantities of domain names.
Disaster recovery: Allow users to configure multiple alternate domain names with the same configuration and enable them when encountering DNS resolution failures.


Operational convenience: Maintain multiple domain names synchronously with one domain name.
Fast access: Configure large quantities of domain names through simple steps.